What to see in Poland

When you are asked where you are going on vacation and you say Poland, someone is bound to ask why but we know why. We know Poland is a country that offers you European charm, great food, and ever-present culture. Now you know what Poland offers but you are still wondering what to see in Poland on your two-week vacation. We have so much to see and do that it would take you at least a month to see it all. One site that is a “must see” on any trip to Poland is to visit Poland’s World Heritage Sites that are designated by UNESCO. They preserve historical artifacts and the cultural of Poland’s past. One of the most popular World Heritage Sites is Krakow’s Old Town. We advise that you make reservations to stay a few nights in Krakow because there are two other World Heritage Sites that you need to visit. Those sites are Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Salt Mines.

If you love music then you should know that Poland’s most famous composer is Chopin. His statue presides over Lazienki Park, which offers concerts dedicated to Chopin. We do have other music scenes we like such as jazz, opera music, and medieval that you can enjoy in major cities in different modern and historic venues. Take your vacation during the warmer months and you can hear these concerts in parks. Operas and church concerts highlight the winter season.

Here are some of the places we recommend when asked what to see in Poland by our visitors.

Krakow’s Old Town

This is one of the sites that we recommended you visit because of it unique charm, quaint pubs, and flower sellers. There is also a maze of cobblestoned streets that you can wander around on looking for the right souvenir, stop and watch the funny mimes in front of St. Mary’s Basilica making faces, and marvel at the beautiful facades that have been restored.

Slowinski National Park

We love to hike and come here for the 140 kilometers of walking trails. It is the most pristine part of the Baltic Southern coast. Hiking is not the only magnet that draws tourists and us to this park. We love to come here to watch eagles draw circles above our head. The park has been drawn on the World List of Biosphere Reserves. Make sure that you bring your camera and plan to spend the day. You will see plant cover, forests, inspiring landscapes, and miscellaneous fauna. The most famous attraction is the picturesque sand dunes, which are the largest in Europe. It is amazing to watch the dunes grow, move and change shape with the wind. You can even play at being a child again as you roll down the golden slide. See yourself in the four sparkling coastal lakes. To enjoy the beauty of the park and watch the eagles, there are viewing platforms, shelters, benches to rest on, and watchtowers.

Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia (Bear Cave) Klento

In the Sudety Mountains this is the most spectacular and largest cave that will give you memorable underground adventures. It is a prime tourist attraction and due to the water formations it never stops growing. You can see waterfalls, colorful stalagmites, and stalactites, along with underground rivers. In the museum inside it houses remains of Pleistocene cave animals like hyena, lions, deer and bear, the cave’s host.

Dunajec River Rafting

We like river rafting and if you do to, then mark this on your itinerary as a “must do.” This place allows no boredom. It is set in limestone cliffs that plunge into the water. As you drift leisurely down the river you will pass abundant vegetations, the Niedzica Castle, which towers over a dam and huge reservoir, and scenic highland views. On your river rafting trip down The Dunajec it flows smoothly among rocks in a ravine and then suddenly turns a few times to add a thrill to your journey. Take some waterproof clothes in case you are splashed. After your rafting trip, put on your hiking boots and take a mountain walk in the Pieniny Mountains. The walking is not too steep and you will see some wonderful natural scenery.

There are also museums, castles, and other sites to see on your trip to Poland. When you get home and your friends and family ask what to see in Poland if they go you can just show them the pictures.