Tips For Traveling To Poland

The land of Poland is an interesting place. Millions of people from Europe and around the globe visit the country on an annual basis. The following information will provide great tips for traveling to Poland. These tips will help to make visiting Poland a really great experience.

Dress for the Weather

Believe it or not Poland officially has 6 seasons. This is unusual for many countries but not for Poland. The Poles are used experiencing the typical seasons such as summer and spring but they also have two additional ones called early spring and early winter.

Both of these seasons are defined by unique weather conditions that could make things really cold or unusually hot. The point is that people should dress appropriately for these seasons. People typically visit Poland during the fall and winter so they should be prepared for this type of weather. By the way, regardless of the season, make sure to bring some comfortable shoes since walking is the primary way that tourists see the sites.

The Importance of Visas

Visas are necessary for visiting Poland if a person is traveling from a non-European Union nation. However, if a person is a part of the EU then they can travel through Poland without a passport since this country is a EU member. Keep in mind that all visa holders should have a 90-day term limit and their visas should be valid at least 3 months beyond the 90-day period.

Safety while Visiting Poland

Poland is a fairly safe country. Yes, crime does take place within this state like it does anywhere else. However, the crime rate is relatively low and terrorist activities are not that prominent within the nation. People are encouraged to pay attention to their surroundings and to keep their possessions close by. People should also travel together as much as possible. Poland might not be a crime ridden state but that does not mean that people cannot be victimized by criminal activity.

The Money Situation in Poland

Poland is not friendly to U.S. dollars or other forms of currency. For this reason, travelers outside of the nation will have to figure out where the exchange locations are and then covert their state’s currency into Polish zloty. Once they do this they will be able to have access to many of the goods and services that are available inside of Poland.

Polish Holidays

Poland has many holidays like many other nations. Some are similar to those found within the U.S. and others are not. Just keep in mind that Poland is shut down on government holidays. However, certain stores and businesses do remain open during these times.

Get a Voltage Converter

Poland’s electrical system is different from many countries in the west. They use a 230 Volts, 50 Hertz format. What this simply means is that their plugs and devices are completely different from the standard type that are found in the U.S. and other places. You can tap into the nation’s electrical supply by picking up a converter charger. You simply plug your device into the converter and then into an electrical outlet configuration that is common in Poland.

Public Bathrooms in Poland

The public bathrooms in Poland can be puzzling to foreigners. Women’s bathrooms use a circle symbol and men’s a triangle. The bathrooms are now marked with a symbol of a men and woman to help make things easier. However, not all restrooms have been converted to these symbols. Just pay attention to what is going on in terms of the bathroom situation so it will not create a public incident. All of these tips for traveling to Poland will help to make a holiday a fun vacation.