Monuments In Jaroslaw, Poland

When was the last time you took a vacation? There are places all around the world that are discovered by millions of travelers and vacationers alike which eventually go and see the historical landmarks. Some other things they venture out to see are the museums, restaurants, monuments, the central shopping markets, and so much more.

Yet, haven’t you ever wanted to go to a place like Central Europe? Around this time of year, Christmas is celebrated all over the world, and in places like Poland, you’ll be awe-inspired at the lighted, tall and “real” Christmas trees which are so beautiful that you’ll think you’re in a Winter wonderland. There’s plenty of joyous sounds of laughter and music with the wine and smokey meat scents all around when you visit places like the Christmas Markets. Naturally, if you’ve never tried the food in Poland, you are definitely missing out! But you can’t forget to visit those historical monuments, especially in Jaroslaw, Poland.

Where is Poland?

Between the north of the Baltic Sea and two southern mountain ranges is the official Republic of Poland, or Poland. Poland is bordered by Germany at the west of it, and the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the south of it; in the east of it lies the Belarus and the Ukraine. It’s approximately 12,679 square kilometers and one of Central Europe’s most largest countries. It ranks at number 9 as the largest country in Europe . In fact, the population is over 38.5 million; it’s considered the 34th “most populous country” in the world.

Things to do in Poland

With a beautiful landscape such as snow capped mountains it’s known for, there are some very nice beautiful caves, active hot springs, and bike trails,…to name a few, which are only a few of the dozens of things travelers and vacationers can do while visiting the country. There are some historical beauties there too which have many stories behind them.

In Poland, some of the monuments that you can visit are not only historical, but amazingly beautiful to see in person, not just online or in pictures. This is why some people visit Poland, because of the monuments. They’re more than just monuments, their landmarks which have a rich history as well.

Monuments to see in Poland

Market Square

It has some historical monumental buildings that have been sitting there for years; normally, the first floor has small cafes, boutiques, or places to shop in. They’re quite quaint for the average traveler, but you’ll love them nevertheless. For example, there’s Polski, which is considered as “Kamienica, XVII”, also, there’s Rynek 10, tenement house. These are at the ‘Square’ which are monumental today. (Source,

Jarosław “Abbey Tower”

Jarosław, Town Library, Lidia Nartowska State Outbreak Ballet


The Franciszkańska Street “Gwiazda” (Source,

The Great synagogue

Centre for Culture

– Church of the Holy Spirit of Jaroslaw

– Collegiate Church of Corpus Christi from the sixteenth century, it was the local Jesuit college originally.

Jaroslawskie “Mury Obronne” (Source,

– Benedictine Abbey Church of the Holy Trinity of Jaroslaw

– Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows of Jaroslaw

– Monastery Church of the Holy Spirit

Finally, the influence of international travel to places like Jaroslaw, Poland will have you writing home and “brag” to your friends and family about the wonders of what it’s like to see a place like Poland around the holidays. You’ll learn a lot about the history and the people and culture, including the great monuments which have been there for hundreds of years. This is one true vacation for anyone who loves to travel.