History Of Jaroslaw, Poland

Jarsolaw, Poland is one of the smallest metropolitan areas within the nation. This particular city was founded in 1031 by a grand prince named Yaroslave the Wise. Jaroslaw was originally created as an important trade area. Over time it became a small hub for merchant activity. The city is currently a quiet Polish region that still trades but with other communities around it. Let’s take a closer look at the history of Jaroslaw, Poland.

Jaroslaw has a rich Jewish history that first emerged in the 15th century. The first rabbi to emerge from the area was known as Rabbi Nathan Neta Ashkenazi. For many years the Jewish people within this region were stable and lived a quiet life within the Jaroslaw community.

The City

The city was pillaged in the 1590s by the Tartars but survived the ordeal. This was major turning point in the economic might and strength of Jaroslaw. The raids by the Tartar caused the city’s financial power to diminish. If the raids did not happen the city probably would have emerged as one of the biggest city’s inside of Poland today.

When the bubonic plague struck the city during the early 17th century many of its inhabitants lost their lives. This too aided in the city’s economic decline. Jaroslaw never fully recovered economically from these events. Many people fled this city to establish lives elsewhere. However, more than enough locals remained behind to keep the city standing.

Russian, Saxon and Swedish steadily attacked Jaroslaw during the early part of the 1800s. This city just not withstand the repeated attacks and blows. The city remained a quiet area after these attacks stopped and many people had moved on to other regions to do business.

Austria Takes Control

By the way Austria took control of Jaroslaw around 1772 and ruled this place until 1918. The Polish people finally got Jaroslaw back but the city was taken over again during World War II. Since there was close to a 25% Jewish population within the city; Hitler had deported many of them to the concentration camps. Many Jewish people fled to the city to the Carpathian Mountains to hide from the Nazis.

The people that stayed behind were sent to the camps or killed. Jaroslaw still remembers this ruff time in their history. It has helped to shape the area into what it is today. Many Ukrainians who lived there were disposed to Russia. These activities significantly depopulated the city.


Currently, Jaroslaw is a just a great place for people to live and work. This city is relatively quiet and peaceful. Many people live comfortable lives and they are very friendly. There is still a Jewish population within the city though it is not as it once was in the past. The city is no longer an economic powerhouse but there is employment and a few economic opportunities to be had.

Jaroslaw has basketball, soccer, running and cycling teams. There are plenty of local places for people to hang out and for people to visit. Shopping centers, restaurants and movie theaters can all be found within the city. Jaroslaw is also a city that has many good communities.