Great Polish Food

Polish cuisine might not be considered the best in the world. However, a person would be foolish to think that this food is no good at all. Polish dishes are considered to be some of the best in Eastern Europe. The following material will explain why Polish food is so great.


Peirogi is one of Poland’s national dishes. This particular food is similar to dumplings and it is used to create many different types of meals. One of the more popular versions of Peirogi is made with cheese and potatoes. Many people also prepare Peirgoi with various meats, mushroom and cabbage. This food is very tasty, filling and goes easy on the stomach.


Bigos is hunter’s stew in Poland. This dish is considered a national dish as well and it is commonly consumed within many parts of the nation. Bigos dishes primarily features cabbage. Even if a person does not like cabbage they still should taste Bigos because this dish can be served with meat, carrots, onions and peppers. This dish is truly one of the best that Poland has to offer.


Golabki is a stuffed cabbage dish. Remember that cabbage is a prominent food in Poland. When a person makes Golabki they are actually stuffing a cabbage with tomato sauce and various other ingredients. This is another filling Polish dish that is loaded with flavor and lots of good nutrients.

Kotlet Schabowy

Kotlet chabowy is also known as Polish pork schnitzel. This is a pork recipe that is often served with potatoes, vegetables, cabbage and even rice. The pork is usually breaded in Kotlet Schabowy recipes. It is a very tasty meal that will keep a stomach full and a person’s taste buds very happy.

Kluski Slaskie

Kluski slaskie or Silesian dumplings are Polish dumplings made out of potatoes. These dumplings are very popular in Poland. Many manufacturers sell frozen varieties at grocery stores. The dumplings are also called Silesian dumplings and they are served with cabbage, onions, gravies and meat.

Placki ziemniaczane

Polish people love their potato cakes. They are especially fond of Placki ziemniaczane which is the ultimate potato pancake in Poland. This food is made from grated potatoes that is fried up in animal fat. People generally prepare these cakes with eggs, onions and pepper before they fry them up. Polish people often serve this food with sugar, or some type of sweet mouse or sweet curd cheese.


Zrazy is an old Polish food that is made out of slices of beef, veal or game. It can also be served stir-fried or Stewed with vegetables and spices. This dish is popular and it is very hearty. People can eat a good Zrazy meal and remain full for the rest of the day. This is a meaty dish that is loaded with lots of protein and other great ingredients for the body.

Cabbage and Polish Sausage

Many people are familiar with cabbage and Polish sausage. This is one tasty dish form Poland that is popular all over the world. This dish is tasty and filling; yet amazingly light on the stomach. Many people typically add peppers and onions or other vegetables into the dish to alter its taste.

Polish sausage and cabbage is truly one of the best Polish dishes that is loved all over the world. The dishes that were mentioned here are among the great Polish food that can be found in Poland. They are well loved by many Polish people everywhere.