Best Polish Traditions

The nation of Poland is a country that is similar to many western states. A lot of the experiences that people have within western countries will also be the same in Poland. People go to school, they work and they like to hang out on the weekend. Polish holidays are similar to those found elsewhere. People in this country celebrate Christmas, New Years, Easter and even Halloween. The following information will describe the best Polish traditions today.

Polish Holidays

It was already stated that Polish people have some of the same common holidays that many countries have within the west. However, how they celebrate these special days is completely different. Christmas is the biggest and best holiday in Poland. The Polish people really take this special day seriously.

First of all, they thoroughly clean up their homes from top to bottom. No one in Poland is expected to have a dirty or filthy crib. If they do, they will not have good luck in the new year. So Polish people at all levels of society will clean their homes and make them look spectacular.

Family Life in Poland

Family life is a major cultural component within Poland. Poles regard family as a high priority and they will not put anything before the family unit. Since all of Polish society is regulated in this way; Polish people do not force their workers to forgo family obligations and responsibilities for work or school.

Polish people also rely heavily on their families for assistance and direction in life. If they need to get something done, they will turn to their inner circle of family to achieve it. While family is king in Poland, many Polish people have friends. Friends can be extremely close but without blood ties they will never take the place of family. Outsiders are welcomed to Poland but are not highly regarded.

Polish People and how they Interact

Polish people are very direct but they are also polite. They believe in speaking what is on their mind but they do so with tact. They have a knack for balancing both of these qualities. When a person greets a Polish individual they should firmly shake their hand while staring them in the eyes. Polish people also like to listen to what people have to say on a subject and they will quickly make assumptions about a person’s character based off of what they say.

Tardiness is not a good attribute to have within Poland. The unwritten expectation is that everyone should be on time regardless of the function or its importance. Polish people like to party but when they do; this is more of a formal affair than just a casual get together. The younger generation parties like many westerners but they still have an air of formality about them.

Because of Poland’s rich communist past and strong affiliation with Russian culture; the Polish people like to drink. They are especially fond of vodka. Russia vodka is a prized possession within Poland and it shows up in many social and private settings.

When a Polish person offers someone a drink they are expected to gulp it down in one shot. Refusing to drink can be insulting to a host. However, many Poles are not so caught up with their traditions that they cannot realize that some people are not drinkers. As a rule of thumb, if a Polish person offers you some vodka or other drink – just consume it.

Work and Everyday Life in Poland

Many people within Poland go to work and school. However, their workweek tends not be that long. Keep in mind that many Polish people work 40 hours a week. Some of these workers do way more than 40 hours. However, many Polish people only work 30 – 35 hours a week. Again, Polish people love family. They do not believe that a person should spend more time at work than with loved ones.

Polish children go to school and they have an education that starts at kindergarten and goes all the way up to primary school. Some Polish colleges are free and others people will have to pay for. Polish people take pride in their education. While this nation does not have the best educated in the world, the Poles do value intelligence and wisdom. Polish people go to grocery stores, make doctor’s visits and they go on vacations.

People even like to go to the movies and hang out in Poland. They also like their mobile electronic devices and the internet. Ultimately, Poland is a modernized country with lots of interesting things to do. The people there are laid back and extremely loyal to family.